4 types of videos your business needs


Looking to utilize the power of videos to attract new customers? Here are four types of videos every business must have in order to grow their business.

1. Business showcase

First on my list is what I call the business showcase. This video provides a way for you or your employees to speak directly to potential customers. You can explain what your mission is, the services or products you provide, and what separates you from your competitors. It’s a great way to summarize your company in one video.


2. Customer testimonials

Next are customer testimonial videos. Social proof is one of the most powerful ways to attract customers. Let your customers share what they love about your business while showcasing the services or products you provide. These videos work very well on websites and social networks.


3. Product or service showcase

The third type of video your business needs is a product showcase. Have a video that’s dedicated to specific products or services your business provides. Tell potential customers the features and benefits for each of your products or show them one of your services in-action.


4. Educational videos

The last type of videos I recommend is educational videos. When someone searches the web or goes on YouTube, they’re often looking for help. Take advantage of that by creating videos that your potential customers might be looking for. For example, if your business provides home remodeling, create DIY home improvement instructional videos. That way when they think of home improvement, they think of you.


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Connor Crosby