4 Helpful Video Marketing Statistics for 2019

Video is one of the best tools for businesses to market themselves, and this trend is continuing in 2019. Here are five important statistics and why they matter to your business.

1. Videos help most people buy products or services online

People love using the web to research and buy products or services. One of the tools consumers use to help make those decisions is video. 90% of customers say they used videos as a way to help them decide on buying a product, according to Forbes. In addition, over 60% of customers say that just seeing a video made them more likely to buy a product or service. Clearly videos are an important part of the buying process, so make sure your business takes advantage of them.

2. Nearly 3/4 consumers have shared a brand’s video

In a study by Wyzowl, 70% said they have shared a brand’s video. What does this mean? Not only are people watching and engaging with videos, they’re also sharing them with their friends and family. But, just because you have a video doesn’t mean people are going to find it interesting enough to share. I don’t believe every video should be entertaining, but if you want to make it share-worthy, it needs to be. It’s why more and more businesses are focusing on branded content.

3. Most people watch Facebook videos muted

We’re all aware of how much people love checking social media. It’s a great place for consumers to not only check in with friends, but also check in with their favorite brands. You should be one of those brands. But, keep in mind, 85% of all Facebook videos are watched without sound (Digiiday). This is an important statistic for two reasons. First, in order for a video to be successful on Facebook, Instagram, and other passive social websites, it needs to be visually interesting. I talk about this more in another article here. Second, you should utilize captions at the bottom of your video. You’ll notice nearly all popular videos on Facebook doing this already.

4. Videos bring in more qualified leads

Every business loves leads - but what’s better than a lead? A qualified lead that’s more likely to result in a sale. According to Aberdeen, videos help businesses bring in 66% more qualified leads. The increase in quality of your leads is because potential clients or customers are educating themselves about your product ahead of time by using videos. Plus, since videos are such a visual medium, it allows customers to see your product, service, or business in a way just text can’t accomplish.


Overall these are really fascinating statistics that should be eye-opening to any business not already utilizing video marketing. Which statistic was most surprising? Contact me and let me know why! And be sure to share these helpful statistics with other businesses.

Connor Crosby